Lab_CodeName Active?14C dates
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MSUMoscow State University0Show
NyNancy, Centre de Recherches Radiogéologiques0Show
KCPNational Cultural Property Research Institute0Show
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology0Show
KNational Museum443Show
KeNational Museum (extrapolated dendro date)13Show
NOSAMSNational Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry0Show
WHAMSNational Ocean Sciences AMS Facility0Show
NPLNational Physical Laboratory, Middlesex12Show
NTUNational Taiwan University0Show
SRRNERC Radiocarbon Laboratory5Show
NUNihon University0Show
NNishina Memorial0Show
n/anot available104Show
NSNova Scotia Research Foundation0Show
NSTFNuclear Science and Technology Facility, State Univ. of New York0Show
ORINSOak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies0Show
OWUOhio Wesleyan Univ.0Show