Laboratory: Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

BP: 4090 Std: 60

Delta 13C value None given Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: n/a Sample Material Comment: CAMS-18672; Desconocido

Feature Type: miscellaneous Feature: Sondeo polínico: Ubicación:39°56'26'' N / 3°57'31'' E. Z = -6,7m

Culture: n/a Phase: n/a

Site: Algendar Country Subdivision: Islas Baleares Country: Spain

Approved: true Right: public


Yll, E. I./Pérez-Obiol, R./Pantaleón-Cano, J./Roure, J. Ma (1997), "Palynological Evidence for Climatic Change and Human Activity during the Holocene on Minorca (Balearic Islands), Quaternary Research, 48, pp. 339- 347.

Micó Pérez, R. (2005), "Cronología absoluta y periodización de la prehistoria des las Islas Baleares British Archaeological Reports International Series 1373 (Oxford).


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