Laboratory: Harwell

BP: 3260 Std: 120

Delta 13C value -25.7 Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: charcoal Sample Material Comment: Alnus sp., Quercus sp., and Rosaceae, sub-family Pomoideae, from mature timbers; Leguminosae (cf Ulex sp.) from twig-sized and larger wood and cf Calluna sp. from twig-sized wood; c 25% of one bag of two identified

Feature Type: enclosure Feature: from a fine silt loam: the fill of a drain in house 18.

Culture: Bronze Age Phase: n/a

Site: Shaugh Moor: Enclosure 15, site 15 Country Subdivision: England Country: United Kingdom

Approved: Right: public


JORDAN, D. HADDON-REECE, D./A. BAYLISS. 1994. Radiocarbon Dates: from samples funded by English Heritage and dated before 1981. London: English Heritage.

N. Balaam/K. Smith/G. J. Wainwright, The Shaugh Moor project: fourth report - environment, context, and conclusion, Proc Prehist Soc, 48, 203 - 78.


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