Laboratory: Kiel AMS

BP: 2825 Std: 30

Delta 13C value None given Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: collagen, bone Sample Material Comment: Schafsknochen; Sample from a layer (SU 1035) of the hearth in the central corridor, attached to a division wall (SU 1003). Stratigraphic Unit 95.

Feature Type: settlement Feature: None given

Culture: Talayot Culture Phase: n/a

Site: Cornia Nou Country Subdivision: Islas Baleares Country: Spain

Approved: Right: public


M. Anglada et al., Chronological Framework for The Early Talayotic Period in Menorca: The settlement of Cornia Nou. Radiocarbon, Vol 56, Nr 2, 2014, 411–424.


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