RADON-B – Radiocarbondates online (version 2014)
Database for European 14C dates for the Bronze and Early Iron Age

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Neolithic and Bronze Age dating: Rado.NB

Jutta Kneisel, Martin Hinz, Christoph Rinne

based on the work of Martin Hinz, Jutta Kneisel, Nina Krischke, Johannes Müller, Christoph Rinne, Marcel Rodens, Helle Vandkilde

Source: radon-b.ufg.uni-kiel.de


The database provides a quick overview of 14C dates from Europe. The time frame was limited to the Bronze and Early Iron Ages and covers the period from 2300 BC to 500 BC. The database can be searched by geographic or chronological factors, but also according to the nature of the sample material, the sites or features. The data and related information were taken from the literature cited in each case, and due to the timing of phases and culture assignment, are subject to change. We therefore assume no responsibility for the accuracy of source data.

The aforementioned authors hope through RADON-B to ensure a current overview of the absolute chronological dates in Europe and thus provide an important contribution to European chronological discussion. The database has been designed to allow users to enter their own data; this feature will soon be available. Additionally the data can also be sent to us so we can add them into the dataset. Help us keep the database up to date. To improve the service we would be grateful if you could report errors or proposals for improvement to radon@ufg.uni-kiel.de.

with contributions from:

Davide Delfino, Vera Hubensack, Gábor Ilon, Eszter Melis, Dalia A. Pokutta, Franz Schopper, Phillip Stockhammer, Jens-Henrik Bech, Olle Hemdorff, Thomas Reitmaier, Martin Egelund Poulsen


The database should be cited as:

Kneisel et al. 2013: Jutta Kneisel/Martin Hinz/Christoph Rinne, Radon-B. In: http://radon-b.ufg.uni-kiel.de.

Please acknowledge our work if you found it useful for your publications.

RADON Team 2014: Jutta Kneisel, Martin Hinz, Christoph Rinne

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