Lab_Code NameActive?14C dates
201-220 / 277 show all
RICHRoyal Institute for Cultural Heritage0Show
RIDDLSimon Fraser Univ.0Show
RigaInstitute of Science0Show
RLRadiocarbon, Ltd.0Show
RoAMSTiberiu Bogdan Sava AMS Laboratory0Show
RomeDepartment of Earth Sciences, Rome77Show
RURice University0Show
SaSaclay, Gif-sur-Yvette2Show
SacInstituto Tecnológico e Nuclear17Show
SacAGif sur Yvette (Saclay)0Show
SFUSimon Fraser Univ.0Show
ShShell Development Co.0Show
SISmithsonian Institution10Show
SLSharp Laboratories0Show
SMMobil Oil Corp., Dallas0Show
SMUSouthern Methodist Univ.0Show
SNUSeoul National Univ.0Show
SOANInstitute of Geology and Geophysics0Show