Lab_CodeName Active?14C dates
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UGRAUniversity of Granada51Show
LTLUniversity of Lecce59Show
LuAUniversity of Lund13Show
LyUniversity of Lyon25Show
UMUniversity of Miami0Show
MUniversity of Michigan10Show
PITTUniversity of Pittsburgh0Show
UQUniversity of Quebec at Montreal0Show
TKUniversity of Tokyo0Show
MTCUniversity of Tokyo0Show
TKaUniversity of Tokyo AMS0Show
WkUniversity of Waikato25Show
UWUniversity of Washington0Show
WATUniversity of Waterloo0Show
MaUniversity of Winnepeg0Show
UZUniversity of Zurich8Show
PUniv. of Pennsylvania73Show
PACunklar ob Labor oder nicht0Show
NSWU. of New South Wales0Show