Laboratory: Groningen Accelerator

BP: 3705 Std: 35

Delta 13C value None given Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: cremated bones Sample Material Comment: human

Feature Type: Grave (mound) cremation Feature: Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Cinerary Urn

Culture: n/a Phase: n/a

Site: Tulach an t'Sionnach Country Subdivision: Highland Country: United Kingdom

Approved: true Right: public


O. Lemercier et al., The Beaker Phenomenon and the Genomic Transformation of Northwest Europe. bioRxiv 2017

Comment: Cremated human bone found inside badly decayed undecorated vessel (?cinerary urn, although the possibility that it was a beaker cannot be ruled out) placed upright in front of the entrance to the chambered tomb

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