Laboratory: National Museum

BP: 3050 Std: 50

Delta 13C value None given Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: wood Sample Material Comment: Wood (Quercus sp.)

Feature Type: Grave (mound) Feature: n/a

Culture: n/a Phase: n/a

Site: Lille Dragshøj; site: Arnum Sb. 52 Country Subdivision: Syddanmark Country: Denmark

Approved: true Right: public


Jørgen Jensen, Dendrochronology of the Danish Oak Coffin Graves. In: LARS LARSSON (Hrsg.), Bronsålderns gravhögar : rapport från ett symposium i Lund 15.11 - 16.11 1991 (Lund 1993)

K. Randsborg, Oak Coffins and Bronze Age Settlements at Hemmed, Højgård and Trappendal, Jutland Danmark. In: STEEN HVASS/BIRGER STORGAARD (Hrsg.), Digging into the past. 25 years of archaeology in Denmark (Aarhus 1993) 164-165.

K. Christensen/Jørgen Jensen, Egtvedpigens alder. Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark 11-19, 1991,

Comment: From oak coffin with dagger blade, double button, mantle, wooden bowl with tin nails, and chip box.

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