Laboratory: University of Aarhus

BP: 3097 Std: 27

Delta 13C value -22.74 Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: cremated bones Sample Material Comment: Leichenbrand

Feature Type: Grave (mound) cremation Feature: Grab

Culture: Nordic Bronze Age Phase: Periode III

Site: Egshvile; site: N1 Country Subdivision: Nordjylland Country: Denmark

Approved: true Right: public


Jesper Olsen/Karen Margrethe Hornstrup/Jan Heinemeier/Pia Bennike/Henrik Thrane, Chronology of the Danish Bronze Age based on 14C Dating of cremated bone remains. Radiocarbon 53, 2, 2011, 261-275.

HORNSTRUP et al. 2012: KAREN MARGRETHE HORNSTRUP/JESPER OLSEN/JAN HEINEMEIER/HENRIK THRANE/PIA BENNIKE, A new absolute Danish Bronze Age Chronology as based on Radiocarbon Dating of Cremated Bone Samples from Burials. Acta Archaeologica 83, 2012, 9-53.


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